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PetStep Pool Ramp vs Inflatable Net Pool Ramps for Dogs

As the warmer months approach, many dog owners eagerly anticipate spending time with their furry [...]

Joint Health and Preventing Joint Issues in Dogs

As devoted pet parents, we understand the immeasurable joy that dogs bring to our lives. [...]

The PetStep Pool Ramp: Improvements for Large, Active Dogs

At PetStep, we don’t just sell you a product we think your pet might enjoy. [...]

Enhancing Pet Safety: Making Your Household Stairs Pet-Friendly with HandiTreads

Hey there, pet parents! If you’re like me, your furry friends are part of the [...]

How Often Should I Walk My Dog?

Whether you’ve just welcomed a new furry friend or if your pup is already an [...]

What is the Best Width for a Dog Ramp?

When your dog is part of the family, you want to take them anywhere you [...]

Best Dog Ramps for SUVs

Your dog isn’t just a pet, they’re a part of your family. This means that [...]

Why You Shouldn’t DIY a Dog Ramp for Your Pool

As a dog owner, you know there’s nothing better than seeing your dog full of [...]

New Design: PetStep Pool Legs

All dog owners know that happiness is contagious. Seeing your dog filled with excitement or [...]

How to Care for Your Dog After Surgery

When your dog requires surgery, it can be an anxious moment for both you and [...]

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