PuppyTreads Help Dogs Up Wood Stairs

Wooden Surfaces Are Not Designed for Dogs’ Paws

Before they were our pets, our dogs evolved from their wild ancestors. This means that our dogs’ paws are best suited for natural surfaces found in the wild like grass and dirt, which also provide excellent traction. When dogs walk on surfaces like tile or polished wood, they may feel like they are in danger of slipping. Some dogs refuse to step in certain areas of the home because the lack of traction on smooth surfaces causes anxiety. This can be extremely limiting, especially if the stair

Older dogs may also be warier when using a wooden staircase. In their youth, your dog might have been able to fly up and down the stairs in your home with ease. As dogs age, they become more prone to conditions like arthritis or hip dysplasia which can significantly alter a dog’s ability to use stairs and will require more traction when walking. Older dogs, even without existing health conditions, are also usually much more cautious of stairs than younger dogs. 

Many Dogs Struggle With Wood Staircases, Including Mine

Dogs' paws like rubbery vinyl surface

My beloved dog, Savannah, is a 13-year-old rescue we adopted at only six months old. As she got older, venturing up and down the wooden stairs in my home became increasingly difficult and anxiety-inducing for her. We needed to assist Savannah when utilizing the stairs or else she would not be unable to use them at all. It was difficult for us to watch her struggle, as dog owners know it is important for their furry family members to be able to access the same areas of the home as their human counterparts. 

How to Help Your Dog Use Wood Staircases

After applying PuppyTreads to my wooden staircase, it was like a night and day transformation for Savannah! She was able to walk up and down the stairs without needing any assistance. Before PuppyTreads, Savannah was very anxious on the stairs and placed her paws on each stair tread with uncertainty, usually requiring one of us to help guide or lift her up the stairs. The PuppyTreads added more traction to the wooden stairs, so Savannah felt much more comfortable walking on them. 

PuppyTreads are virtually invisible once installed and do not detract from the beauty of the wood. They are made from soft rubberized vinyl that provides excellent traction for dogs yet is gentle on paws. PuppyTreads also decrease slip, trip, and fall hazards for humans by creating a stable, comfortable contact between the tread and foot when climbing the stairs. The treads can be applied for additional traction on more than just wood surfaces. Smooth surfaces like tile, ceramic, laminate, and concrete will become safer and easier to walk on for both humans and pets with PuppyTreads. The treads easily apply to any smooth surface by simply removing the back layer to reveal the adhesive and pressing it onto the surface.