6 Must-Have Features in a Dog Ramp

Here's Why PetStep Ramps are the BEST!

  1. Weight Capacity/Sturdiness – A running or jumping dog creates a true weight load many times its own weight. The PetStep® Ramp is made to stand up under everyday use by virtually any dog.
  2. Surface – Our raised, non-slip surface is made for a dog’s paws. We don’t use abrasive coatings like sandpaper that may deteriorate over time and cause damage to your clothes or vehicle, not to mention your dog’s paws!
heavy dog on PetStep ramp
Non-slip surface made for dog's paws
  1. Dimensions – Our 17″ width will accommodate even the largest dog. Our ramp has side rails tall enough to prevent your dog’s paws from slipping off, but short enough to avoid injuring your dog should it accidentally step on it. Our ramp is long enough, (70″), to reach the height of most SUV bumpers at an acceptable incline.
  2. Weather Resistance – You can use your PetStep® ramp in rainy or snowy conditions. All of our components are rust-proof. Our walking surface will provide non-slip performance even when wet.
  1. Convenience and handling – Easy to set up… simply folds in half. Easy to carry… has a balanced hand-hold and only weighs 18.5 lbs. Easy to store… only 36″ long when folded.
  2. Overall Quality – The PetStep® ramp sets the industry standard for strength, quality, and long-term durability. We made sure it could stand up to rigorous use. The PetStep® ramp is warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of 5 years the best warranty in the industry!
PetStep folding ramp is convenient to load in/out of car