PetStep® Pet Ramp Accessories

HalfSTEP® Free Standing Leg Kit – Our kit is a great way to convert your dog ramp into a safe self-supportive unit. The legs are easy to assemble and use with each leg being 20 in. tall and are a great accessory for your dog ramp.

The leg kit allows you to place the ramp anywhere in the home without needing a chair, rope, or other household item to keep the ramp upright and safe.

PetStep® Swimming Pool Legs Kit – This kit contains two (2) aluminum legs with rubber feet that are 24.5″ long, a stabilizing brace, plus 3 (three) fiddle screws per leg for quick easy installation. This is for use with the PetStep Folding Ramp (222K & 222G) ONLY.

Simply insert legs at the bottom of the ramp. Place the curved section of the ramp on the side of the pool and place in pool with the legs at the shallow end. The ramp is designed not to sink in water, therefore the legs are hollow, allowing the legs to fill with water, which holds the ramp in place. The ramp legs have rubber feet to keep it in place as well as to protect the surface of the pool.

We recommend that the pool legs should not be left in chlorine or salt water pools for days at a time. Hosing the pool legs down on a regular basis will reduce the potential oxidation that could result from the extensive exposure to chlorine or other chemicals.

Locking Brace Kit – Our kit secures the PetStep® Folding Pet Ramp in an open position for extra stability. For use with the PetStep Folding Ramp (222K & 222G) ONLY.

PetStep Side Entry Support Strap – Pet ramps need to be supported when used in the back seat of a vehicle due to imbalance or lack of a support structure. Only one corner of a ramp will rest on a support whereas the other corner will dangerously hang in the air.

The PetStep side entry support strap fixes this problem. One end of the strap connects to the unsupported corner of the ramp while the other end hangs on the frame of the door. See the instruction sheet for details of how this product works.

 – For use with the PetStep Folding Ramp (222K & 222G) ONLY.
 – Rubber coated steel hook won’t damage your paint.
 – Adjustable nylon support strap.
 – Attaches in seconds without tools.
 – Can be used from either side of the vehicle.
 – Drawstring carry bag included.