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For most, a dog in the house means there’s another family member to care for – a member that wants to be with you no matter where you go!

Getting Your Dog Into a Car is Not Always Easy

While it might be easy for most to pick up an five pound Chihuahua and lift them into a car, a squirming dog of even 15 or 20 pounds can be a challenge for anyone.  What if you’ve got a bad back, or are a bit older? And what if you’ve got a Golden Retriever, a German Shepherd or other larger dog?

PetStep ramps make it both safe and easy for a person of any age to “lift” the largest dog from the ground into a back seat, or through the rear hatch. Whether you’re a parent with your arms full of kids, or an every-day-person with a 120 pound Mastiff, we make it easy for your four-legged friends to hop into an SUV, car, truck, van or RV.

Getting your dog into your car

Easy Access in the Rain, Snow, Dirt and Mud

When it’s wet outside, and you’re collecting your pup from the dog park, the last thing you want to do is lift him or her into the car, splattering your clothes with mud and wet fur. PetStep ramps ensure that your dog can roll in the mud, hop into the car and you will still be clean! (But, the car probably won’t be!)

Age Will Be No Barrier to Traveling With Your Dog

As we get older, our ability to lift diminishes and this risk of injury increases. PetStep ramps at just 18 1/2 pounds and are easy to maneuver both inside and outside of the car. The built-in handle means you can easily carry the ramp from the SUV and into the house, using it to help your pup onto the bed, sofa or any elevated surface!

Strap Accessory for folding PetStep Ramp

Easy to Clean, Easy to Care For

Our unique rubberized surface is not only easy on pet paws, it’s easy to clean.  A good hosing in the summer, or brushing in the winter is all that is required. Unlike aluminum telescoping ramps that clog with dirt and fur, requiring frequent cleaning, the PetStep ramp is pretty much set it and forget it!

If you’ve got questions about any PetStep products, our specialists are ready to chat and to speak with you on the phone. Put a paw on the chat button, and let’s talk!

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