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PetStep Pool Ramp For Dogs


  • SPRING Sale! – Save $40
  • Compatible with above-ground and below-ground pools
  • Splayed pool leg design creates ultimate stability
  • 500-lb capacity
  • Paw-friendly non-slip surface
  • Two pool leg height options
  • Simple to install and use

Product Description

We do a lot to make sure our dogs feel comfortable in our homes. But let’s face it: pools are not constructed for dogs’ safe usage. That’s why we created the PetStep Pool Ramp Kit.

The PetStep Pool Ramp Kits creates safe and easy pool access for your dog. You won’t have to worry about lifting your dog in and out of the pool, and your dog won’t have to struggle to try to haul themselves out. The universal non-slip grip of the PetStep ramp accommodates all pool edges for use in both in-ground and above-ground pools.

The PetStep Pool Ramp Kit consists of the PetStep ramp as well as PetStep’s exclusive pool legs and locking braces. 

The PetStep ramp is constructed of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, making it both incredibly sturdy and durable. The ramp features a paw-friendly ridged rubber surface that allows dogs to naturally dig into the material when walking and will not lose traction when the ramp is submerged in water. The lightweight (18½ lbs) PetStep ramp can be folded in half when not in use for easy storage. The ergonomic handles built into the ramp make it easy to carry, store, and prevent pinched fingers. The PetStep ramp has a maximum capacity of 500 lbs, which means dogs of any breed and size can enter and exit the pool with ease. (Note: the 500 lb capacity is for animals ONLY). When not being used in the pool, the versatile PetStep ramp can be used to help your dog access vehicles, furniture, exam tables, and more!

The PetStep ramp is one of the longest (70″) and widest (17″) pet ramps on the market, meaning it will create the most gentle slope for your dog. This is especially ideal for older dogs, dogs that have conditions like arthritis or hip dysplasia, and dogs that may be wary of jumping into deep water. 

The locking braces included in the PetStep Pool Kit are installed on the underside of the ramp to keep it locked in the deployed position while in the pool. This adds additional stability and is especially useful for large, active dogs and dogs that like to use the ramp as a platform for jumping into the pool. 

The aluminum pool legs, available in Standard and Long sizes, are hollow which allows them to fill with water when submerged to ensure ramp stability. These two sizes allow the ramp to be used in pools with depths from 42” to 60”. The stabilizing brace connects the two pool legs for increased durability. Rubber feet are inserted into the ends of each pool leg to keep the legs in place and prevent scratches to the pool floor. To install the pool legs, simply insert the aluminum pool legs into the bottom of the ramp and secure them with the included screws. 

Exclusive New Pool Legs Design 

PetStep is continuously looking for ways to improve our products. This year, we redesigned our pool legs in order to keep the ramp more stable when in use, especially for large and active dogs. The pool legs now have a splayed design that spread out from each side of the ramp, giving it a wider base. This adds stability to the ramp and keeps it from wobbling, even when your dog is running or jumping on the ramp.  

What Size Pool Kit Should I Order? 

PetStep offers two pool leg options: Standard and Long. Our Standard pool legs are ideal for pool depths from 42 to 52 inches deep, as they raise the pool side of the ramp by 23”, creating a comfortable slope for your pup. This pool depth is measured from the pool floor to the top of the pool coping, not the depth of the water. For pools deeper than 52 inches, the Long leg kit is recommended to ensure that the ramp is not too steep so your dog can comfortably enjoy the pool!

The incline for the pool ramp with the Standard legs is approximately 30 degrees when placed in a pool with a 52” measurement, as shown in the diagram below. The vast majority of dogs find this incline very comfortable. However, if you’ve got a pool with a depth of 52” or less, but you’d like a gentler incline, you can certainly order the pool ramp with the long legs that will provide a milder slope. 

Tips for Measuring Your Pool:

To collect the proper measurement needed to determine what pool leg length you should order, you’ll need a measuring tape. Before you start measuring, you’ll want to engage the thumb lock on your tape measure so that it stays in place while in the water. Measure the depth of your pool from the pool floor to the top of the pool coping where the top of the ramp will rest. Conversely, if you already know the exact depth of the water in your pool, you can measure the gap between the surface of the water and the top of the pool coping and add that to the depth of the water.

For more detailed instructions on how to install the pool ramp kit, check out the Pool Leg Kit Instruction Sheet.

Is your dog still learning to swim or apprehensive about using the PetStep pool ramp? We’ve authored a blog post with tips on teaching your dog to swim as well as training them to use the pool ramp with confidence.

Note: We recommend that the pool legs should not be left in chlorine or saltwater pools for days at a time. Hosing the pool legs down on a regular basis will reduce the potential oxidation that could result from the extensive exposure to chlorine or other chemicals. You can find more information about taking care of your pool ramp here.

PetStep Pool Ramp Kit Features at a Glance

  • Unique soft non-slip rubberized walking surface – no sandpaper or carpet
  • Opens and closes quickly and with ease (no hardware required)
  • 500 lb capacity (animal use only)
  • The universal non-slip grip fits all vehicles and pool edges
  • Ramp measures 70″(L) x 17″(W)
  • Folds in half (37″L x 17″W x 5¾”H)
  • Ramp weighs 18½ pounds
  • Will not corrode and can be cleaned with soap and water
  • Ramp is made of advanced composite plastic and fiberglass
  • Aluminum pool legs are available in Standard and Long lengths
  • Rubber feet on the legs protect your pool and provide excellent grip
  • The legs are hollow and designed to fill with water, securing a strong base for your dog as they access the ramp
  • Locking braces add additional stability by locking the ramp in the deployed position in the pool
  • 5-year warranty

*Free shipping applies only to the contiguous United States.


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A



500 lbs

Carrying Weight

18.5 pounds


36" L x 17" W x 5 3/4" H (folded), 70" L x 17" W x 3" H (Deployed)


Graphite/Gray, Khaki/Beige

Leg Length

23 Inches – Standard Length, 30 Inches – Long Length


7 reviews for PetStep Pool Ramp For Dogs

  1. Jenny

    I usually don’t leave reviews, but this deserves an exception. We only have a pool ladder so our dog really had no way of getting in and out of the pool even though he loves to swim. I searched around for a while and this pool ramp kit was exactly what we needed! It doesn’t budge at all while our dog is on it. Shipping was fast too, which is always a plus

  2. Jean

    I just found this online for our dog who’s a lab and loves the pool. I’m a little hesitant about buying it. We have an above ground pool. Will it work?

    • Melyssa Cleary

      Hi Jean! The PetStep ramp and pool leg accessory kit bundle will most definitely work with an above-ground pool. The legs screw into the bottom of the PetStep ramp to allow it to be used in the pool and it has a 500lb capacity, so any size dog can use it. The pool should have between 3.5 feet to 5.5 feet from the pool top edge to the pool floor in order for the ramp to work properly. The universal non-slip grip of the PetStep ramp will securely fit any pool edge as it rests upon it, including your above-ground pool. One thing to note is that the ramp must be submerged in your pool to work safely, so it cannot be used on the outside of your above-ground pool.

  3. Laura

    LOVE this ramp. I tried to make a DIY dog ramp for my pool using pool noodles and floor mats. Hardly worked and ended up being very unsafe. So glad I invested in the PetStep. It is super sturdy and my dog loves it!

  4. Jean A Young

    Well I hope I have the right place. We bought handy ramp for our dogs so he could get in the pool. So far it has worked great. He’s still a little scared but he’s learning

  5. Kellie Doherty

    The only thing that helped my dog get out of the pool! I have a big dog who loves to swim so he had no trouble jumping in the pool to swim. He just couldn’t get out on his own on the ladder, and it was tough for us to try to help him out. This ramp supports my large golden retriever perfectly!! And now he’s able to safely get out of the pool on his own. I tell all my friends with pools (and dogs) about this ramp!

  6. Carly McKnight

    My dogs have loved water ever since they were puppies! They were always lifted in the pool as they never liked to jump in. I never even imagined a dog pool ramp existed. After my first dog had an ACL repair surgery I was looking for a better way to help her enter and exit the pool as she still adores swimming. Shipping was Fast. This ramp is so easy to put the pool leg attachments on and set up! It’s not too heavy to move and very sturdy for my large breed dog. It’s a great investment anyone with a pool and a dog who loves water will benefit from!

  7. Jessica E.

    My dogs love this ramp!! The ramp was super easy to put together and it feels sturdy in the pool. So glad I found your company. The pool is so much more fun now!

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