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PetStep Pool Ramp vs Inflatable Net Pool Ramps for Dogs

As the warmer months approach, many dog owners eagerly anticipate spending time with their furry companions in the pool. However, ensuring that your dog can safely enjoy the pool experience is crucial, so you’ve probably stumbled across this blog post while looking for a comfortable way to get your pup into and out of the pool safely. With multiple options available, and more being added every year, how do you know which ramp is best for your furry family member? 

In this blog, we’ll compare two popular dog pool ramp options:

the tried and true PetStep pool ramp,

Keep reading as we explore the key features like material, durability, and longevity of each ramp to help you determine which is safest and most comfortable for your pup.

Material and Construction

The PetStep pool ramp is meticulously crafted from a unique blend of high-quality, durable composite plastic. This choice of material is not merely incidental but rather a deliberate selection aimed at ensuring the utmost durability and strength. The fiberglass-reinforced plastic used in crafting the PetStep ramp boasts exceptional resilience against the rigors of outdoor use, including exposure to water, sunlight, and constant wear and tear. Its robust construction withstands the test of time, maintaining its structural integrity even under the weight of large dogs or frequent use with a 500-lb capacity.

Inflatable dog pool ramps, like this one for example, are constructed from PVC plastic and inflated with an air pump into its shape. While PVC is stronger than other types of plastic, say a plastic bag, it can still be ripped with any sharp edge or with consistent use. It’s also important to note that since the ramp is inflatable, the weight capacity is only 150 lbs, and dogs on the heavier end of the spectrum may experience the ramp starting to sink, especially as air leaks out of the PVC with time.

PetStep Pool Ramp 

  • Constructed of high-strength composite plastic
  • Plastic doesn’t chip or crack 
  • 500-lb capacity

Inflatable Pool Ramps

  • Constructed of PVC plastic that is inflated 
  • Can be ripped open with consistent use
  • 150-lb capacity

Design Features


The setup process for the PetStep pool ramp includes hand-tightening some screws to secure the pool legs and the locking brace kit. Then, you’re done! The non-slip rubberized grip on the end of the pool ramp grips the pool edge to keep it stably in place–no extra steps are needed to secure it to the pool deck. Just place your ramp in the pool and let your dog enjoy it. 

Inflatable pool ramps have a more intensive setup compared to the PetStep. Firstly, you must inflate the ramp which can be a lengthy process when using the included hand pump. Plus, it’s tricky to not release any air from the ramp when taking the pump out. Additionally, because inflatable ramps float on the surface of the water, they must be secured to the pool deck. This can be done using some type of chord from the D-rings on the ramp to somewhere on your pool deck, which means that you will need to drill into your deck in order to place the ramp. Even when secured, the ramp will still sway from side to side and move around while your dog is using it because it does not have a stable base touching the pool bottom. 

Non-slip Surface

Developed with both functionality and safety in mind, the design of the PetStep Pool Ramp incorporates several key features that make it effective and pup-friendly. One of the stand-out features is the exclusive rubberized non-slip surface. This ridged surface offers superior traction, even when wet, that ensures your furry companion can confidently navigate the ramp without slipping or sliding. This is especially useful for older and more reluctant dogs.

The length of inflatable dog pool ramps is composed of netting with a series of “foot pockets” which aren’t exactly non-slip and may even be hard to navigate for your pup, causing stress. The only non-slip part of the ramp is at the very top where there is a small traction pad. Because it’s not along the length of the incline, where dogs will really need it, it’s basically rendered useless. While this type of ramp can be functional for some dogs, it can be quite jarring or difficult for others, like older or larger dogs, to use.

water dog ramp detail

Pool/Dock/Boat Compatibility

With two leg length options available, the PetStep pool ramp is compatible with most above and below-ground pools. The splayed design of the legs and added locking leg brackets prevent side-to-side wobbling and keep the ramp securely in place while even the largest and most active dogs use the ramp. While compatible with most pools, the PetStep ramp isn’t always the best choice for boats. Some clients have used the PetStep ramp off the side of a boat into deep water by attaching buoys to the ramp and found great success. However, the PetStep pool ramp is better suited for pools or off of docks and boats in shallow water where the ramp/pool legs can reach the bottom of the body of water. 

PetStep Dog Ramp Pool Kit helps dogs have fun!

Without having a sturdy base that touches the bottom of the pool, inflatable pool ramps will drift and wobble while in use, making it a bit more difficult for your dog to use. While having a ramp that floats on the water may not be ideal when you want a safe and sturdy incline for your pup in the pool, it can be helpful when in deep water like off the side of a boat. Inflatable dog ramps for boats can help your furry friend enjoy both the water and the pool. Just be sure to safely secure it to your boat so it doesn’t float away!

floating ramp can wobble on the surface of the water
PetStep Pool Ramp 
  • Quick and easy setup–attach the legs and go!
  • Rubberized non-slip surface on the full length of the ramp
  • Two leg length options to fit various pools
  • >
  • Splayed leg design and locking leg brackets keep ramp in place and prevent side-to-side wobbling
  • Ideal for large and small dogs, as well as older and reluctant dogs
  • Non-slip rubber feet easily grip the pool edge
  • Better suited for use in pools or off docks, not off of boats in deep water 
Inflatable Pool Ramps
  • Setup time is needed to inflate ramp and secure to deck
  • Netted surface with a small traction pad at the top
  • Floats on top of the water
  • Will drift and move in the water as your dog uses it
  • May move too much for older or reluctant dogs to use
  • Must be tied down to pool deck using chords
  • Can float off the side of a boat in deep water

Durability and Longevity

Engineered with a focus on longevity and reliability, the PetStep ramp is designed to withstand the rigors of regular use outdoors in the pool. With its robust composite plastic construction, the PetStep will support your dog for summers to come. Once pool season is over, the legs can easily be removed and the ramp folds in half for convenient storage. Plus, the ramp can also be used to aid your dog in reaching vehicles, furniture, or over steps when not in the pool. Unlike other dog ramps, the PetStep pool ramp is backed by a five-year warranty to ensure its longevity.

underwater view of PetStep Pool Ramp for Dogs on mat

Inflatable dog pool ramps, on the other hand, are usually not backed by any type of warranty. As with any PVC inflatable, air will begin to seep out of the ramp as time passes. You’ll find yourself needing to re-fill it with air more and more often. It also risks becoming punctured during use or while in storage, decreasing its potential longevity. In general, inflatable dog ramps aren’t meant to last more than a few pool seasons.

Water Dog Ramp kit
PetStep Pool Ramp 
  • 5 year warranty
  • Folds in half for easy storage
  • Can also be used in vehicles or other areas when not in the pool
Inflatable Pool Ramps
  • No warranty
  • Air leaks out of the ramp over time
  • PVC can rip when being moved or stored

The PetStep Pool Ramp: The Safer, Sturdier Choice! 

There’s something truly special about sharing moments in the pool with your furry companions, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime. Whether it’s teaching your pup to swim for the first time, engaging in a friendly game of fetch, or simply floating lazily side by side, each moment in the pool becomes a precious bonding experience. 

The PetStep pool ramp was designed to facilitate these precious moments in the pool with your pup. That’s why it’s easy to use and built to last, unlike other inflatable ramp options. 

You can be sure that your dog can safely and comfortably use the pool with the PetStep ramp to have the best summer ever!

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