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12 Best Gifts for the Dogs and Dog Lovers In Your Life

Regardless of whether you’re purchasing a gift for the holidays, a birthday, or just because, [...]

How to Secure Your PetStep Pool Ramp to Your Wooden Deck

If you have an active dog, you know how important daily exercise is. I have [...]

The PetStep Pool Ramp Kit Improvements

At PetStep, it is our mission to make dogs’ and their humans’ lives better. We [...]

How to Properly Care for Your PetStep Pool Ramp

As the temperature outside creeps up, we start running toward our pools. Especially after our [...]

Using the PetStep Pool Ramp for Dogs in Deeper Pools

While some families in the US may live in areas that allow them to use [...]

Services Animals vs Emotional Support Animals

At PetStep, we strive to create accessibility solutions for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and [...]

How to Teach a Dog to Swim

While some dogs may gallop towards crashing waves, eager to swim, others may be wary [...]

The Best Ways for Pets to Access Vehicles through the Side Door

When your dog hears the car keys jingling in your hand, they may run to [...]

Five Best SUV’s for Dog Owners

Packing your car up with your dog and everything you, and they, need is an [...]

How Do Dogs Get In and Out of Above-ground Pools?

As the days become longer and the temperature heats up, pools across the country will [...]

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