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New Design: PetStep Pool Legs

Dogs love above-the-ground-pools!

All dog owners know that happiness is contagious. Seeing your dog filled with excitement or delight fills you with that same feeling. Whether it be the gift of a new toy or a trip to the dog park, we live to make our pups happy. PetStep’s mission is to foster these amazing feelings and memories you have with your pup by creating products that, quite simply, make your dog’s life better. 

If you’ve clicked around our website or purchased any of our products, you know that we call our community the PetStep Pack. And we always look out for our pack members! We’re dedicated to creating the best possible experience for you and your four-legged friend so that you can make memories that you’ll cherish forever. With this pledge, we constantly look for ways to improve our existing products. 

Improvements always emerge from feedback and suggestions from customers just like you! We encourage any call, email, or chat with questions or comments. We also make it a point to personally reach out to our pack members to learn about their pup’s experience with our products in order to make them even better! 

In this post, we want to introduce and explain the improvements we have made to our pool ramp for dogs.

More Stability

Summer 2022 was a huge season for the PetStep pool ramp. We were honored to make swimming in the pool safe and easy for pups all over the world! With such a big season, we received a lot of glowing reviews and constructive feedback. One thread we noticed was that dog owners with large, active dogs reported that the ramp wobbled back and forth a bit when their dog would jump from the ramp. While this wasn’t an issue the majority of our PetStep pups were facing, we wanted to make sure that every single dog had the best possible experience. Thus, the Gen II pool legs were born!

New Splayed Leg Design

To combat the wobble that a few large, active dogs had encountered, we redesigned our pool legs into a splayed design. With this splayed design, the Gen II pool legs are angled a few inches out to the sides of the ramp whereas the original Gen I pool legs went directly straight down from the ramp. The splayed legs allow the weight of the ramp to be distributed across a larger area so that it will have a more stable base and will not wobble from side to side. While the design is different from the original Gen I legs, the Gen II splayed pool legs are still just as easy to install onto the ramp with the included thumb screws. The Gen II pool legs are now standard with our pool ramp so dogs of all sizes and activity levels can safely enjoy the ramp!

For Use in Deeper Pools

Another piece of feedback we received last year was that dog owners with deeper pools reported that the ramp could be slightly buoyant. Other dog owners noted that their pup would prefer a more gentle slope when going in and out of the pool. Our response to this feedback was a brand new pool leg option–the Long pool legs.

Two Pool Leg Options

We want to be sure that our pool ramp is responsive to a wide variety of dogs and pools, so starting in 2023, we offer two different pool leg lengths: Standard and Long. The Standard pool legs lift the ramp 23” from the pool floor (also like the original Gen I pool legs) and the Long pool legs lift the ramp 30” from the bottom of the pool. For pools 42-52 inches deep, we recommend the Standard pool legs. For pools 52-62 inches deep, we recommend the Long pool legs. When buying your pool ramp, you’ll be able to select either the Standard or Long legs.

There is also more info there about how to select your pool leg length as well as the best way to measure your pool.


The addition of the Long pool legs to our product family solves our PetStep Pack’s concerns about the ramp sometimes floating. With longer legs, the ramp will have a stable base in deeper pools and will not float. The Long legs also address the dogs that would prefer a more gentle slope to get in and out of the pool. The Long pool legs can be used in pool depths below 52” in order to create a more gradual incline.

The Best Ramp for the Best Dog

There’s no question that your dog is the best, right? And they deserve only the best in return. That is why we at PetStep are so motivated to make our pool ramp the best it can be. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products so that you and your pup can make memories together that you’ll cherish forever. We want to be a part of those fond memories. 

Puppy on graphite pool ramp for dogs by PetStep-copyright image

Our permanent goal of improvement couldn’t be possible without the amazon feedback from our PetStep Pack, those who have bought a PetStep ramp and put it to work. With that, we want you to know that we are always open to hearing your feedback on our products whether it be a pup-tastic review or any concern at all. (We absolutely LOVE seeing photos of your dog on the ramp, by the way.) Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or feedback that you may have, we’re all ears!

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