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How to Care for Your Large Aging Dog

Big dogs and their big hearts make such wonderful pets! From snuggly St. Bernards to [...]

Training Your Dog to Use the PetStep Folding Ramp

To us humans, the goal of a pet ramp is quite obvious: to help our [...]

Can Dogs Swim in Pools?

There’s one big question, well two, on our minds as winter starts to warm up [...]

What To Do If You Encounter a Stray Dog

When you come across a loose dog remember to stay calm first and exercise caution. [...]

Using Pet Ramps for Side Entry into Your Car, SUV, Van, or Truck

Unless you own a small dog that insists on riding shotgun or on the lap [...]

Best Tools to Get Your Dog In and Out of the Pool

There is nothing more fun than having a dip on a hot day with your [...]

How To Make Your Home Accessible for Older Dogs

Taking care of an aging pet is bittersweet. You remember the days of puppyhood like [...]

How To Reduce Your Dog’s Risk of Spinal Issues and Arthritis

Like humans, most spinal issues and spinal arthritis in dogs are caused by general wear [...]

Should I Buy a Folding Ramp, Telescoping Ramp or Folding Stairs For My Dog?

Physically, young or healthy dogs have a better ability to jump and reach high places [...]

Large Breed Dogs And The Need For A Dog Ramp

All dog owners know that their pets are just as much a part of the [...]

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