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The PetStep Pool Ramp: Improvements for Large, Active Dogs

Dog excited to be in swimming pool

At PetStep, we don’t just sell you a product we think your pet might enjoy. We develop and continually improve solutions to make your pup’s life more fulfilling and help you create cherished memories with your furry friend. So when we got some feedback last summer that some dogs were not able to fully enjoy their pool ramp experience, we sprung into action. 

We wanted to share this blog entry with you in the interest of transparency and product development. We’re not all bark. Customer feedback, both human and canine, is critical to our mission to make you and your dog’s lives better. 

Some of our PetStep pups were experiencing a setback with the pool ramp, and it is our mission to protect our pack. In this blog, we will address the problem some of our pack members were facing and share with you the solution we developed to counteract this problem and improve the PetStep pool ramp overall. 

The Problem: Pool Legs Pulling Out When the Ramp is Used by Large, Active Dogs 

When there’s a doggy downer, we don’t hide behind excuses or confusing language. We make it right. Last summer, some of our large and active PetStep pups experienced the screws pulling out of the ramp, causing the pool legs to detach. Upon further inspection, the screws were pulling out of the ramp due to the weight and force exerted on the angle of the legs, pulling the threaded inserts for the screws out with them. 

This just wasn’t acceptable for us. While smaller dogs had no issue with the pool ramp, we needed to better address the larger and more active dogs that also want to enjoy the pool. Our mission is to help create fulfilling lives for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and activity levels. That’s why we created our exclusive Locking Leg Brackets.

The Solution: New Pre-Installed Locking Leg Brackets

What Are They?

Pool Ramp Leg Bracket increases stability of the legs

The Locking Leg Brackets are custom-made to fit the PetStep pool ramp and pool legs. After determining that there needed to be more stability for the legs of the ramp, we designed and fabricated these brackets to permanently attach to the most structurally sound part of the ramp, the structural spines running down the middle. These aluminum locking leg brackets come permanently installed on every pool ramp going forward, so no worries about the legs coming loose or the threaded inserts being pulled.

How Do I Use Them?

As previously mentioned, the locking leg brackets come pre-installed so you don’t even have to think about how to attach them to your ramp. Then, they’re very straightforward to use! Simply slide the plate of the pool legs through the brackets from the middle of the ramp outwards. The brackets are especially secure, so it might take a little wiggling to properly place them through the brackets. Once the pool legs are in place, secure them with the thumbscrews and your pup is good to go! 

Once pool season is over, you can remove the legs and place the ramp into storage. The brackets are low profile enough that they still allow the ramp to close in half. 

How Do They Fix the Problem?

Since the brackets are installed onto the ridge of the ramp itself, they aren’t going anywhere. Originally, the angle of the pool legs and the weight of the dog put pressure on the thumbscrews attaching the legs to the ramp and caused the screws and threaded inserts to pull out. The locking leg brackets divert the pressure away from the screws and apply it to the ridge, the most structurally strong part of the ramp. 

This creates an exceptionally stable base for the legs. You can even feel how secure the legs are in the brackets before securing them with the screws. With this improvement, we guarantee that legs will not come off the ramp until you remove them yourself! 

Just in Time For Pool Season! 

In conclusion, the locking leg bracket enhancement reflects our unwavering commitment to the well-being and enjoyment of our furry companions. At PetStep, we understand that dogs are not just pets; they are cherished members of our families, deserving of the best experiences possible. By investing in improvements to our pool ramp, we have not only prioritized their safety but also aimed to enhance their overall swimming experience. 

We’re pawsitive that summer 2024 will be the best one yet! Just imagine soaking up the sun and getting splashed by your energetic pup’s doggie cannonballs off of the ramp. Or wading in the water to spend some quality time with your beloved dog in their golden years that is able to relieve some of the stress from their joints in the pool thanks to the gentle incline of the ramp. Whatever the situation is, summertime is the perfect time to make cherished memories with your dog in the pool. 

We remain dedicated to ongoing innovation and customer feedback, ensuring that our solutions continue to evolve to meet the needs of our canine clientele. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the new locking leg brackets or anything else for that matter. Just give us a call at 877-272-1707 or send us a chat in the corner!

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