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PetStep® Pool Leg Accessory Kit



Select a pool leg length above 

The PetStep Pool Leg Kit – when used with your PetStep folding ramp – allows your pup to access your swimming pool with ease. This is the pool leg kit ONLY. PetStep ramp purchased separately. 

  • NEW! Locking leg brackets are now included with the pool leg kit for increased stability and durability
  • Includes: 2 pool legs and cross brace, locking brace kit, NEW locking leg brackets, and thumb screws and self-tapping screws for installation
  • Standard legs lift the ramp 23″ from the pool floor and Long legs lift the ramp 30″
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Product Description

PetStep Swimming Pool Leg Kit

When you have a pool, you want your whole family to be able to enjoy it, including your dog! Your dog could be an amazing swimmer, but pools are not constructed for pets’ safe entry. Even if your pup is able to jump into the pool, trying to use the pool ladder or hauling themselves out is not only difficult but dangerous too. This can be even more troublesome if your dog has health concerns like arthritis or hip dysplasia. While swimming can be an amazing physical therapy for their joints, getting in and out of the pool can be almost impossible. Even more, you or your family can injure yourself by trying to lift your dog in and out of the pool. 

The PetStep Pool Leg Accessory Kit allows dogs to safely enter and exit swimming pools with ease. The kit easily connects to the PetStep folding ramp (sold separately) so that it can stand in your pool. The universal non-slip grip of the PetStep ramp fits any pool edge so the ramp will stay secure and stable while in use. The kit is for use with the PetStep Folding Ramp ONLY!

What Comes With the Pool Leg Kit?

  • NEW! Two (2) locking leg brackets that attach to the ramp for increased leg stability
  • Eight (8) self-tapping screws for securing the leg brackets to the ramp
  • Two (2) aluminum pool legs in Standard (24″) or Long (30″) length
  • One (1) cross brace for the pool legs
  • Two (2) locking braces for the middle hinge of the ramp
  • Twelve (12) thumb screws for attaching the pool legs, cross brace, and locking braces

What Size Pool Legs Should I Order? 

PetStep offers two pool leg options: Standard and Long. Our Standard pool legs are ideal for pool depths from 42 to 52 inches deep, as they raise the pool side of the ramp by 23”, creating a comfortable slope for your pup. This pool depth is measured from the pool floor to the top of the pool coping, not the depth of the water. For pools deeper than 52 inches, the Long leg kit is recommended to ensure that the ramp is not too steep so your dog can comfortably enjoy the pool!

The incline for the pool ramp with the Standard legs is approximately 30 degrees when placed in a pool with a 52” measurement, as shown in the diagram below. The vast majority of dogs find this incline very comfortable. However if you’ve got a pool with a depth of 52” or less, but you’d like a gentler incline, you can certainly order the pool ramp with the long legs that will provide a milder slope.

Tips for Measuring Your Pool:

To collect the proper measurement needed to determine what pool leg length you should order, you’ll need a measuring tape. Before you start measuring, you’ll want to engage the thumb lock on your tape measure so that it stays in place while in the water. Measure the depth of your pool from the pool floor to the top of the pool coping where the top of the ramp will rest. Conversely, if you already know the exact depth of the water in your pool, you can measure the gap between the surface of the water and the top of the pool coping and add that to the depth of the water.

We recommend that the pool legs should not be left in chlorine or saltwater pools for days at a time. Hosing the pool legs down on a regular basis will reduce the potential oxidation that could result from extensive exposure to chlorine or other chemicals.

Take a look at the Pool Leg Kit Instruction Sheet for details on how to use this product.


  • The Pool Leg Kit attaches to your PetStep Folding Ramp to create safe & easy pool access for your pup (ramp sold separately)
  • The NEW locking leg brackets attach to your ramp to keep the pool legs securely in place. This is especially useful for large, active dogs
  • Pool legs are available in 24″ and 30″ lengths to fit virtually any pool
  • Rubber feet on the legs protect your pool and provide excellent grip
  • The legs are hollow and designed to fill with water, securing a strong base for your dog as they access the ramp
  • Locking braces add additional stability by locking the ramp in the deployed position in the pool

*An additional shipping charge will be added for orders outside of the contiguous United States.

Additional shipping charges may apply for residential, limited access locations, and lift gate needs.



Want to keep your ramp in the pool for longer periods without having to clean the white build-up on the legs? Concerned about the chlorine or saltwater interacting with the metal pool legs? The Zinc Anode Kit attaches to your pool legs to minimize white oxidation buildup caused by chlorine. It allows you to keep your ramp in the pool for days, so the fun with your dog never has to stop!


Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 30 × 6 × 6 in


Leg Length

23 Inches – Standard Length, 30 Inches – Long Length


Use Cases


Want your pool kit to last for summers to come? Check out our tips on how to properly take care of your PetStep pool ramp.


Installation Instructions for Pool Ramp Accessory Kit


PetStep Pool Leg Kit Installation Instructions

What’s included: 

  • 2 – pool leg brackets 
  • 2 – pool legs 
  • 1 – cross brace
  • 12 – thumbscrews 
  • 4 – self-tapping screws

PetStep ramp sold separately.

What you’ll need: 

  • Power drill with a Phillips head drill bit

Part 1: Attach the Brackets

  1. With the ramp open and the bottom end facing you, place the leg brackets on the structural ribs of the ramp. The end of the bracket with the pre-drilled holes on either side should be facing the middle of the ramp. Tap the brackets down onto the rib.
  2. Once the brackets are loosely in place, slide two legs from the center of the ramp into each bracket and loosely tighten down the legs using 6 of the thumbscrews.
  3. Push down on the top of the locking leg brackets so that the lip of the bracket comes to within 1/16” of an inch of the leg baseplate. Be sure the lip of the bracket is NOT touching the leg baseplate. 
  4. On the top end of the bracket, drive a screw through each side, into the structural rib. It’s essential that there is space between the top of the bracket and the leg base when doing this. 
  5. With two screws inserted in the top of the locking bracket, push down on the bottom of the bracket so that the lips on the top and bottom of the bracket are at least 1/16” away from the leg baseplate, but NOT touching the base of the leg. This is the critical step as the leg MUST be able to move within the bracket. Drive a third screw into the inner side of the bracket. 
  6. Ensure the leg can be removed and inserted into the locking bracket with a little tension. Drive the final screw through the last pre-drilled hole on the outer side of the bracket. There should be two screws driven into each side of the bracket. Finally, check again that the leg is able to slide in and out of the bracket. 
  7. Repeat on the other side.

Part 2: Secure the Pool Legs

  1. Slide the pool legs through the cutout in the bracket (from the center of the ramp outwards) so that the holes of the plate align with the three threaded inserts. Make sure that the legs splay outward from the ramp, as pictured. 
  2. Use six of the thumb screws to hand-tighten each leg to the ramp.
  3. Align the cross brace with the threaded inserts located on each of the pool legs. Use the remaining two thumb screws to secure it to the legs.

Part 3: Fasten the Locking Braces

  1. Align the two screw inserts on either side of the ramp hinge with the outermost holes on the locking brace.
  2. Place the locking brace with the U-channel facing downwards over the screw inserts. Use two thumbscrews to secure it.
  3. Repeat the previous two steps to secure these second locking brace to the other side of the ramp hinge.


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