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PetStep® International, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of ramps for companion animals. 

In addition to our ramps, we also offer other safety products for your pets like PuppyTreads. Ultimately, we at PetStep aim to create solutions that make pets and their owners’ lives better. 

As a Friend of the American Association of Pet Parents, PetStep provides you with an exclusive deal on our top-rated pet products like the PetStep ramp. To receive an exclusive 10% discount on your PetStep purchase, please use code PetStepAAPP at checkout.

Featured Products

The Original PetStep Folding Pet Ramp

The PetStep ramp is the perfect solution to help pets climb in and out of the back of vehicles as well as on and off furniture such as exam tables, sofas, beds, or up and down stairs with ease. At 70” in length, it has the most gentle slope on the market that provides assistance to pets that cannot leap onto high surfaces and prevents joint damage in pets of all ages and sizes. 

Unlike the rough sandpaper or tractionless carpeting of other ramps, the surface of the PetStep is equipped with a unique ridged rubber surface that provides superior traction for your pet in all weather conditions. Expertly constructed using high-quality fiberglass reinforced plastic materials with a 500lb capacity, the PetStep ramp supports pets of all sizes and does not bend when in use. The universal grip of the PetStep ramp can be attached to all vehicles and edges, and has sturdy rubber feet to secure the ramp in place when in use.

PetStep Pool Leg Accessory Kit

Allow your pets access to the pool with ease. The PetStep swimming pool leg kit connects to your existing PetStep folding ramp (ramp sold separately) to let your pet walk in and out of the pool.

Simply insert the legs into the bottom of the ramp and attach the stabilizer bar from the ends of the legs using the screws provided. Place the curved section of the ramp on the side of the pool and place the legs into the pool at the shallow end. The aluminum legs are hollow, which allows them to fill with water, holding the ramp in place. The ramp legs have rubber feet to keep it in place as well as to protect the pool bottom.

Non-Slip PuppyTreads

Made from soft rubberized vinyl, the traction-enhancing PuppyTreads strips are perfect anywhere indoors and feel comfortable on paws as well as bare feet, socks, slippers, and shoes. With a simple peel-and-stick installation, PuppyTreads can be installed on virtually any flat surface in your home like wood, tile, laminate, or concrete. 

PuppyTreads are ideal for helping your dog use wood stairs or walk on other slippery areas in your home. The treads are clear, and therefore practically invisible once applied, letting the beauty of your flooring shine through. PuppyTreads create a safer home environment for both your pet as well as the rest of the family.

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