Using Pet Ramps for Side Entry into Your Car, SUV, Van, or Truck

Side Entry for your pets!

Unless you own a small dog that insists on riding shotgun or on the lap of a front seat passenger, the chances are pretty good that your pup sits in the backseat of your SUV, truck  or car when you travel. If you have a dog that needs the assistance of a ramp to get into and out of your vehicle, there’s really only two paths to get your dog into that back seat.

SUV and crossover owners with a clean back compartment can set up a dog ramp from the back of the vehicle, taking advantage of an SUV’s large hatch opening. But, what if the back of your SUV is always packed with stuff, or you own a pickup truck or car with no back hatch?  The only convenient entry point for a dog that needs help getting into the back seat is through the side door.

How to Safely Use a Pet Ramp for Side Entry into Your Vehicle 

The PetStep folding pet ramp can be safely used for side entry into your car, truck, SUV, or van. Depending on the vehicle, like a van that opens to a flat floor, the PetStep ramp can be simply rested on the edge of the vehicle to allow your dog to walk into the car. With many SUV models, the seats have the ability to be moved into the floor of the vehicle which provides the ramp a level edge to rest on. 

However, if the ramp is not able to rest on the floor of the vehicle, it will have to rest on one of the seats. This can create an imbalance as part of the ramp edge may be protruding off the side of the seat. In this case, PetStep has developed the side entry support strap. The strap is constructed of heavy-duty nylon with a fully adjustable cam buckle clip to meet the height of any car door opening. One end of the side entry support strap is a steel hook that securely attaches to the PetStep folding ramp. The other end is a rubber coated door hook that supports the ramp without scratching the paint on your vehicle’s door. 

Installing the Side Entry Support Strap Takes Only Seconds!

  • Simply insert the steel hook into the opening at the top of the PetStep ramp. 
  • After making sure the steel hook is secure, position the rubber-coated door hook over the window frame of your vehicle’s door. 
  • Finally, lift the tab on the adjustment buckle to tailor the length of the strap, making sure it is taught and the ramp is held in place. Relock the tab to secure the strap. 
  • Now, the strap should be supporting the edge of the PetStep ramp, preventing it from tipping to the side.