Meet the PetStep Dogs!

The PetStep folding pet ramp is perfect for all dogs, regardless of breed or size. The ramp is incredibly versatile and it can be used for a variety of purposes, like helping your pup into the car, or pool, over stairs and steps, and onto furniture like beds, couches, or exam tables. Friends Stanley, Pito, Willa, and Kai meet at the local dog park each week to discuss the best sniffs and newest adventures. We’d like you to meet them and learn why they love the PetStep so much! 

Stanley the PetStep Dog


2 years old | Lab mix

Always looking for the next great sniff. 

Although I like chilling inside with my humans, my favorite thing to do is explore outside. Even when I take the same route around the neighborhood, there’s always something new and exciting to see. That’s also why I love the dog park so much. Plenty of space (and other dogs) to sniff! My mom says that sometimes I try to run faster than my legs will carry me, and I overdo it sometimes. Whenever we go on an adventure, my mom sets up the PetStep ramp for me so I can more easily get in and out of the car without straining my legs or back. I’m always itching for a new experience, so the PetStep makes sure I don’t overdo it when I get super excited to leave!

Fiona the PetStep dog


7 years old | Shiba Inu

Dog Park Royalty

If you see a bunch of dogs strutting around the dog park in the newest floral doggie sweater, that’s because I wore it first. I’m a bit of a trendsetter around here, and that’s me being modest. I was also the first one to have the PetStep ramp. My humans knew I needed the ramp because jumping in and out of our BMW not only hurt my legs but also scratched my pedicure! Once the other dogs saw me disembark from my human’s SUV using the ramp, they all barked at their own humans until they got one too. At least that’s how I imagine it went down. 

Pito the PetStep Dog


6 years old | Havanese

Small frame, big personality.

I’m not sure why, but the world doesn’t seem to be made for pups of my stature. Unbelievable, right? Thankfully my humans recognize my excellence, so they make sure I’m able to reach anywhere I want to go. They used to be able to pick me up when I was a puppy, but now I’ve noticed it’s difficult for them to move around. Something they call arthritis I guess. It’s okay though because now they fold out a special ramp intended just for me so I can reach the car, couch, pool, or anywhere in between on my own! They also fold out the ramp for me so I can reach my king-sized bed, which they also sleep in. I guess I don’t mind sharing…

Willa the PetStep Dog


14 years old | Hound mix

Making the most of those golden years

Sometimes I feel a little left out when I watch the younger pups running laps around the dog park, but I remember I had my turn once. I’d rather lounge in the shade of the trees these days anyway. I’m thankful that I can even make it to the dog park, really. My hips don’t work like they used to, and sometimes I can barely make it up the stairs let alone jump into the car. My human companions gifted me this ramp so I can still go out and enjoy time with the other dogs in the neighborhood. Walking up and down the ramp is so much easier on my bones than jumping in and out of the car, or even climbing the steps to my porch.

Kai the PetStep Dog


8 years old | German Shepard 

Big body, even bigger heart!

While I love exploring outside, I enjoy relaxing inside just as much. As long as my humans are with me, I’m the happiest pup there is! I know they love me just as much as I love them because they got me this awesome pet ramp. My mom said that since I’m so big, I’m prone to developing hip dysplasia or arthritis… whatever that means. Either way, I trust her! The ramp is super gentle on my joints so I have no trouble walking on it to get in and out of the car when we go to the dog park or the groomers.