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How To Reduce Your Dog’s Risk of Spinal Issues and Arthritis

PetStep folding ramps help protect dogs from spinal issues and arthritis

Like humans, most spinal issues and spinal arthritis in dogs are caused by general wear and tear over time. Because of that, older dogs are more susceptible to suffering from back pain and arthritis. Regardless of the dog’s size, more pressure is exerted on a dog’s joints when they jump in and out of vehicles than if they were walking on a surface. This increased pressure exacerbates the wear and tear of a dog’s joints, including the joints located in the spine, meaning it is never too early (or too late) to prevent this unnecessary exertion.

It can be very difficult for dog owners to detect spinal issues in their dog, as the symptoms do not initially present clearly and dogs will continue to move normally despite the pain, making it crucial to prevent the progression of joint damage.

Veterinarian recommended approach

The Vet Record journal reports that it is inadvisable for dogs to jump to and from vehicles after their study showed that dogs who repeatedly jumped from larger vehicles were at an increased risk for degenerative joint disease. Co-author of the study and Veterinary Science expert at Hartpury University Centre, Dr. Alison Wills, recommends that “people should consider using ramps stretching from their car to the ground for all dogs, [and not just] for those with existing joint problems.”

Reduce your dog’s risk of back pain and arthritis

As recommended by veterinary experts, it is advisable for all dogs to use a ramp when getting in and out of the car to prevent joint issues. The PetStep ramp is a durable yet portable (20 lbs) folding ramp that fits all vehicles and supports the weight of any dog while safely allowing them to enter and exit your vehicle with ease. Unlike other pet ramps, the non-slip ridged rubber surface of the PetStep ramp has superior traction when wet or dry while also being soft on paws and allowing dogs to naturally “dig” into the material when walking, preventing slips and falls. The PetStep ramp measures at 36″ L x 17″ W x 5¾” H when folded and 70″ L x 17″ W x 2½” H when unfolded.

Athena reduces wear and tear on her back and joints with a PetStep Folding Ramp

PetStep ramps in action

Scott purchased a PetStep ramp for his dog, Athena, as a preemptive measure to prevent Athena from overexerting her back when jumping in and out of the car. After implementing their PetStep ramp into everyday use, Scott kindly shared Athena’s outstanding experience:

Athena got accustomed to her ramp quickly

“Athena is a 3-year-old Staffordshire Terrier that happily became part of my family a year ago. We taught her how to use the ramp from the deck to the yard right away as we didn’t want her to be leery of ramps when she got older and needed them. It only took a few days and a couple of treats for her to become comfortable using a ramp since younger dogs are much more open to new things. Because of this, we knew she would have no problem with the PetStep Folding Ramp.

“The ramp is one of the longest on the market which makes the incline to my car much less steep, the 500 lbs capacity means the ramp is incredibly sturdy with very little bouncing or give, and the 17″ width gives her plenty of room to feel comfortable. I laid it flat on the ground and walked her across it a couple of times just so she could learn the feel of the raised rubberized treads. After that I propped it up on the car. I only had to guide her up once before she was running up and down the ramp on her own. I’m fairly certain she thinks it is a new game!

“The PetStep Folding Ramp is so sturdy and secure, Athena even hung out on the ramp just checking out the view. She is very happy with her PetStep Ramp and I am thrilled she won’t risk hurting her back jumping in and out of the car anymore.”

Athena resting on her dog ramp
Picture of Thom Disch

Thom Disch

Thom Disch is the owner of PetStep

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