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3 Ways a Dog Ramp Can Make Life Safer For You and Your Dog

PetStep Ramps make life safer for dogs

Back pain, torn nails, and ligament ruptures are among three of the top 10 most common dog injuries. Of these three types of injuries, all can be caused by jumping up (or down) onto various surfaces that are too tall. While this can be a challenge for dogs of all ages, seniors dogs are especially susceptible to injury. Even a series of a few steps can cause major problems for pets that already have health issues and physical limitations. One incredibly helpful solution for difficulties like these is the PetSTEP® Folding Pet Ramp. Specially designed ramps for pets make it easier and safer for them to navigate a wide range of potentially hazardous climbs. Learn more about four specific settings in which these ramps can keep your dog injury-free.

Reduce the risk of injury on furniture

From day one of having your dog, pet-proofing all parts of your home is a must. When you know what hazards exist in your space, you can make meaningful modifications to prevent accidents. A common misconception is that this process is a one-time event. As your dog ages, he or she will have new safety requirements to consider. One such modification is helping your pet get up and down from furniture safely. If you have a senior dog who is used to climbing up on your chairs, couches, and beds, their aging joints and muscles will eventually have a much more challenging time with this activity. Missing a jump up onto the bed or couch can result in a serious injury from falling. To prevent this from happening, utilize the folding pet ramp throughout your dog’s day. During the day, prop up the ramp in the spot that he or she most likes to climb onto. In the evening, set the ramp up on the piece of furniture (most likely your bed) that he or she rests on during the night.

Tackle outdoor challenges that pose a safety risk

If your senior dog spends any amount of time outside, it is also important to assess which areas could result in injury. If you have stairs leading into your home, consider dedicating one ramp exclusively to helping him or she get in and out safely. Because the ramps are made with a non-slip rubber surface, it is often safer for dogs to use than stairs, which can become slippery in the ice or rain. Also, if they climb onto any other elevated surfaces (such as a deck), consider setting up a PetSTEP® Folding Pet Ramp in that area as well.

Make your dog’s bath time safer

Young and old dogs alike can have a difficult time getting in and out of bathtubs. Because soap and water create a slippery and hazardous surface, slips and falls can result in torn ligaments or even broken bones. That’s why creating a safe way for your senior dog to get in and out of the bathtub safely should be of top importance. Since the folding pet ramps are portable, you can effortlessly prop it against the bathtub before, during, and after your dog’s bath time. The non-slip surface also adds an extra level of safety for your dog. Once it is no longer in use, the ramp can quickly be wiped down for use in other parts of your home.

Create a safe and easy way to transport your dog in your vehicle

Perhaps one of the biggest home safety risks for senior dogs is getting in and out of your vehicle. When taking your pup to the vet, or to the local dog park, it can be incredibly challenging for older dogs to get in and out of your vehicle safely, since it often requires a big jump. This is especially true for those who own larger vehicles, such as an SUV. Without a ramp, senior dogs can run the risk of fracturing their feet, legs, or other parts of their body. To avoid this risk completely, always be sure to use the folding pet ramp when loading and unloading your dog.

Although there are numerous safety risks for senior dogs, you have the ability to prevent nearly all falls and jump-related injuries with the use of the PetSTEP® Folding Pet Ramp. By making it easier for your pup to climb up and down from furniture, bathtubs, and vehicles, you will help preserve his or her joints, and limit the chances of experiencing common types of injuries.

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