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Dog Ramp "EASY" Training Tips

Dog Ramp Training Tips Step 1

Place the ramp flat on the ground and allow your dog to investigate it.

Walk your dog across the pet ramp. Encourage your dog to sit, stand, lay down, or even eat on the ramp.

Once your dog is comfortable on the ramp, move one end of the ramp onto a curb. Practice walking your dog up and down the ramp until he does it easily.

Dog Ramp Training Tips Step 2

Gradually, move the ramp to the height of your vehicle. Encourage your dog with treats or praise as he walks up the ramp and down the ramp.

Again, practice and praise!!! Peanut butter or cheese spread are perfect as they encourage your dog to stay on the ramp while enjoying the rewards.

Dog Ramp Training Tips Step 3

Congratulations! You have successfully trained your dog to go up and down the ramp! Your dog will love all of the places he can go with you now.

Remember, if you have any questions about training or the ramp, do not return your ramp to the store. CALL PetSTEP®, WE'RE HERE TO HELP! 877-738-7837.

Safety Safety Note:
If you own a dog ramp, do not place it loose in the compartment with your pet as it becomes a missile in a sudden stop. We do not recommend placing the dog ramp flat on the back seat, as this presents similar problems in a quick stop.  Simply tuck the dog ramp behind your driver's seat where it is safe and handy for you.

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