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"I don't typically submit reviews, especially unsolicited ones. But this is an exception. I have an 11 year old Golden who can't jump anymore. We bought an SUV and contemplated returning it when we realized we couldn't take our dog with us everywhere. We tried both the pet ramp and steps from another pet store. The ramp felt like sandpaper and didn't have a sturdy grip at the top to hold it in place. The steps also slid around and weren't tall enough to reach the floor on the vehicle. I finally ordered this one - a bit more expensive - and it only took one bone to coax her in. Success! The rubber-grip coating is perfect. The length is enough to make the ramp not too steep, even for backs of higher SUVs. The only downside I would say is that the ramp is a tiny bit heavier than the other one we tried. But I believe that's because it's sturdier and made of heavier plastic (resin). I'm a slight-built 40yr old woman and don't have any problem handling it. All in all, I think this may be the only one that works and it was well worth the money."
Connie S.


"The ramp is very sturdy and works best going into the back of the SUV. It gives just the right amount of length so climbing up isn't difficult. It folds in half and stores in the back with no problems. It took a little confidence training on the part of the dog but now there is no hesitation. You will not be disappointed in this ramp and your dog will love you!"
Jerome T.


"I bought this ramp for my 90 pound English Mastiff puppy. She's only 7 months old right now but I knew I had to find a better way to get her in and out of my SUV. She walked right up into the back of my truck and right out without any problem at all. No more worrying about her possibly hurting herself (or me) anymore. If you have a large dog you really need one of these. The cost of the ramp is well worth your piece of mind. Why risk an injury when you can do something as simple as getting this ramp!"


"I ordered this pet ramp for my 11 1/2 year old black lab. He is still very active and doesn't have any hip issues. We got this ramp as a preventive measure to help keep his hips in good condition. We don't like having him jump out of the SUV. He adapted to it right away when I used the training tips. It is easy to lift in and out of the SUV, and our dog likes the easy gripping surface. This ramp is a must for any large dog who is too heavy to lift or who may have hip problems."


"This is my second dog ramp. My first one was the telescoping type. It worked fine but I had to wash it constantly to get the dirt out so it would slide. I live in the desert. This one doesn't have the same problem and it is lighter and very easy to open and close. I have had three dogs on it at the same time with no problem, all 40 pounds or more. And the price is the best on the internet and believe me I looked."


"Well, the bad news is that it is plastic (isn't everything!) The good news is, it get's the job done. I was concerned because I have 3 dogs. My Golden Retriever weighs in at 120 lbs., my German Sheppard at 100 lbs., and my mutt at 50 lbs. And, as I suspected they all hit the ramp at the same time. It looks like Grand Central Station. The ramp holds and supports the dogs with no apparent problems. It's light enough to handle and stores without too much trouble. I guess you have a winner there!"


"We have a 7 year old, 90 lb. lab and an SUV. It was getting harder and harder for the dog to get into the car. This ramp is a great find! I was hesitant at first due to the price but as our dog loves to ride in the car, even for quick trips around town, I decided to bite the bullet and get it. It was worth it."


"We tried a few different ramps before we found this one, which is by far the best. The thing I hated most about the 2 other ramps we tried is that they were made cheaply and basically were just too awkward to use or started falling apart after only a short time. Both of them also had really rough (and potentially painful!) sand paper on the top surface. My husband got mad because I accidentally bumped up against the SUV and scratched the paint. This one is pretty rugged, and best of all has a very different surface treatment made of rubbery ridges. My 10 yo lab loves not having to jump out of the Jeep. She used to just sit there and wait for us to help her down."


"I am so pleased with this ramp. Our dog went right up the ramp into our truck first try. It is easy to set up and put away. Finally, our dog is able to go for rides again!"


"I purchased this ramp for a swimming pool and it works awesome. My 2 labs can get out of the above ground pool with ease. They make a pool leg kit which I purchased separately and it works very well. I also use the ramp to get them in and out of my 4x4 truck which they do with ease now even with their bad hips.."


"My vet recommended this Petstep ramp. My schnauzer started to show a sign of dysplasia at 6 years old and lifting 90 pounds of squirming dog into my hatch back was getting to my back. The ramp has saved us both! It's easy to use, light weight and Gustav (my schnauzer) loves it!"


"I bought this ramp for my aging golden retriever when I moved from a car to an SUV. It works wonderfully! It easily rests on the side of the door so she can get in and out without any tough jumps on her legs or hips. It also folds easily to sit flat on the floor in the back of the SUV. She loves it and so do I!"

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